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An Intellectual's Property

Theo Warren knows academia can be cutthroat, but this is ridiculous.


When Theo gets the call that his friend's office was ransacked, his first instinct is to rush over and help. The second he steps foot on the scene of the crime at a college campus, he finds himself thrust into the cutthroat world of faculty politics. 


But that’s the least of his concerns. 


The thief targeted notes about the nonhuman population of Whitelake. If that information were leaked it would cause mass panic as humans learn of the paranormal beings walking amongst them. 


As Theo juggles searching for the robber, adjusting to a world where magic exists, and dealing with his mother’s expectations for his career, he learns one of his friends has been abducted by the thief. Can he rescue his friend and protect the secrets of Whitelake? Or will the exposed truth unleash a rash of panic and mayhem?


Join Theo and discover what's up in Whitelake

A loud bark followed immediately by a growl cut off whatever she was about to say. They both turned and watched as a pair of very large animals came racing down the street from the small path to the river, heading right at them.

The second of the creatures leaped and caught the back end of the first and the both went down to tumble over each other in a snapping, barking pile of fur. Theo could now see that they were... dogs. They were definitely not wolves or anything like that. Nope. Just big, lanky dogs.

Marielle shrieked in surprise, then let out a genuine scream of fear before snapping into action and whipping out her phone. As she ran to her car, he heard her shouting at what he imagined was a 911 operator about “vicious monsters” and “rabid attack dogs running wild in the streets.” Her car door slammed and he heard the locks engage before the engine revved.

Meanwhile, the “dogs” were rolling over each other, in what looked to Theo like play-wrestling. Neither of them seemed to be getting injured, and they both seemed to be getting a chance to be the “winning” animal. Theo frowned at Marielle's taillights and sighed. No doubt there would be police here soon and the last thing he wanted was for someone's pets, or a pair of innocent wild animals, caught and caged and dragged off to who knew where. Or worse, a couple of local…

Theo shook the thought from his head. Nope. Just dogs. Just really big dogs playing in the street.

Before he even thought much about it, he was aiming his hose and spraying the pair of tumbling furballs with a stream of cold water. Both of them yelped and jumped away from each other, spinning to find the source of their new soggy state.

“Marielle’s probably threatening the cops right now to make sure they get out here soon with torches and shotguns, so you'd better get back where you came from," he called.

The pair shook themselves dry in the manner of their kind, wolfish... er doggy grins on their muzzles and tongues hanging out. They each barked at him almost sheepishly as if to thank him as they loped away, and Theo waved and turned back to his house.

"Is it too early to start drinking?" he muttered to himself.


About Katherine Kim's books

Katherine Kim writes urban fiction about people coming together as a community.  They usually end up having to fight off some sort of country or world-ending threat of some magical nature, but that's just how these things seem to work out.