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TheMagaestra Trilogy

Faith Latham knows three things: her sister Crissy is her best friend, her young niece is the coolest kid ever, and nobody can ever find out that she's a witch.  When Crissy is kidnapped, and Faith has to defend herself and her niece from monsters, her secret is revealed to the man who arrives just in time to save them.

A man who turns out to be maybe as much a monster than the creatures that attacked her, and for Faith, far more dangerous.


Join Faith and the search for her sister

The Federal Paranormal Activities Agency Series

Join Caroline Peters as she navagates her first year of college and starting a new job: an internship at the Federal Paranormal Activities Agency, the people who oversee licensing and policing mages.  

And, you know, all the other things that the public neither wants nor needs to know about.

Quick study.jpg

Discover the world of the FPAA

The Spirits of Los Gatos Series

Meet Sarah Richards.  All she wants is to get out from under the thumb of her controlling mother and reconnect with the grandmother she loved and lost.  Moving into Gran's house is just her first act of rebellion.  Following in Gran's footsteps is a much bigger, and as it turns out, much more dangerous proposition.

Sarah's Inheritance.jpg

Visit Los Gatos and meet the spirits

The Greenwoods Neighborhood

Theo Warren is looking for some peace and a chance to write what he wants to. Instead, when he moves into his eccentric great-uncle's house, he finds magic, a secret family legacy, a whole town full of people that aren't at all human, and one pushy HOA president.

Well, that's fine.  How bad could it be, right?

newtotheneighborhood2 (2).jpg

Join Theo and discover the secrets of Whitelake

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