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Faith Latham has a secret. She and her sister are witches, and letting anyone know could be fatal.

Faith and her sister Crissy were warned that if anyone ever found out they would be hunted for their powers.  Their mother was very clear on that.  And now the pair are watching Crissy's young daughter Kaylee for signs that she, too, inherited these powers.  A vacation at their parents' old cabin seems like the perfect summer break until they are attacked by monsters. Faith draws on magic she has barely used in years to protect herself and Kaylee and is stunned when a man who claims to be a vampire runs into their rescue. 


Aldric Donnelly is dedicated to keeping his people safe. His community just got a little bigger and a lot more dangerous.

When tracking a group of rogue werewolves, Frostwalker Clan enforcer Aldric ends up finding a child being protected by a human wielding magic-- something he had thought no longer existed.  When Faith collapses right into his arms, he decides the best way to keep these two safe is to take them to his clan and try to keep her secret from becoming common knowledge and putting them all in danger.   When Crissy is kidnapped, then later Kaylee is attacked and taken from the middle of town despite the two werewolf bodyguards with her, Aldric and Faith have to decide if keeping her secret is more important than saving her family.


If you like sassy witches, protective vampires that aren't jerks, and werewolf dads, you should read Magaestra: Found today.

Magaestra: Found

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