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Crissy Latham is still missing. 


Faith, Aldric, and the whole Frostwalker Clan are searching for her, but they have no trail to follow, and what efforts they can make are being hampered by constant attacks from the Goldfangs, a rival pack.  When Detective Lincoln reveals his own magic to the clan, Faith is thrilled at the chance to fill in the gaps in her training, but Aldric wonders about the timing and about the man's constant attempts to lure her away from her less-human allies.


Then they learn where the Goldfangs have been staging their attacks, and also that they’re keeping a prisoner there, hope to find Crissy rises.  Despite reports of vampire mercenaries and blighthounds, they raid the camp, with Faith in the thick of things.  Instead of Crissy, they find trouble, which blows up in their face.  Can Faith and Aldric survive guilt, jealousy, and being trapped in a cave-in?  


If you enjoy exciting stories full of adventure, sassy main characters who aren't abrasive, and just a little vampire versus werewolf action, read Magaestra: Loyalties!

Magaestra: Loyalties

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