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This is not how Faith wanted to find her sister.


Faith Latham is still looking for her sister Crissy, kidnapped by vampires crazed by their vision of world dominance.  She is trying to adapt to a world she never imagined only weeks ago, trying hard to learn how to better wield her own magic and getting distracted by her own fiercely protective vampire, Aldric Donnelly. It’s confusing and there have been very few leads in the search for Crissy, but she is determined to keep searching as long as it takes.

When her new mentor in the world of magic is attacked in his own home by the same vampires who took Crissy, Faith is ready to rush off and help.  


Unfortunately, that plays right into their enemies’ hands.  Can she hang on and survive being held by the power-hungry vampires until Aldric and the rest of the Frostwalker Clan to find her and defeat the rogue vampires– or is this the beginning of World War Three?


If you like stories with twists and excitement and just enough sweetness to satisfy that craving, pick up the final book in the Magaestra Trilogy and learn the fate of the Frostwalker mages today.


Magaestra: Tested

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