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It's the middle of summer and my son, who attends a Japanese public school, just started his summer vacation. We're all still recovering from having had Covid, and while we're all healthy again– or at least testing negative– my husband and I are still coughing a bit. It's hot and sticky, and I'm tired just thinking about it, but there is still stuff coming up that is worth looking forward to.

Next month, for example, the second book in the Greenwoods Neighborhood series is coming out! An Intellectual's Property sees Theo trying to help his new friend Darren protect his research notes– the secret ones that he took after finishing the work for his public project. You see, when he was done with the official questions about family stories and local history, he asked certain of his interviewees about their nonhuman stories. Those notes could cause a lot of trouble if they got out... Meanwhile, Theo himself has found a puzzle box he remembers his great-uncle showing him, and it has something rattling around inside it, but despite being pretty good at these boxes, Theo can't even start this one.

In November, the second Almost an Agent book comes out! I'm still revising and editing, but I'm fairly pleased with it! In Properly Paranormal Caroline decides to take a still-recovering Lucas home with her when summer vacation starts. Her colleagues at the FPAA cautiously approve of this plan, because how much trouble could the two of them get into at her parents' house? They seem to have forgotten that this was the same town where she got abducted by elf supremacists from. Naturally, the two troublemakers stumble upon a mystery, a haunted mansion, and the harassment of a very pregnant librarian by someone long-dead.

Or are they?

I'm currently working on the (very) rough draft for the third Greenwoods novel, and just wrote a short story about the managing barista at Theo's favorite café, so if you join me on Patreon, you'll be getting some sneak peeks at all of these books and you'll get the Greenwoods short stories before I collect them together! Otherwise, patience, friends. All will be out soon, and at least two of them are available for preorder now.

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