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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

A brief introduction to, well... to me.

Hi! I have to be honest. I probably won't post here too often. You can find me all sorts of other places talking about my life and my writing, but I will try to remember to update over here once in a while.

My name is Katherine Kim (as you might have noticed already) and I write urban fantasy novels and short stories. Most of my writing is over on Amazon. Patreon gets most of my short stories before everyone else, though, so if you want the most up-to-date catalog, that's where to go.

My books

I admit it outright. I prefer my characters to be people I want to spend time with, and who actually make friends and allies. I got so tired of reading book after book with main characters who either accidentally or very deliberately alienate their allies. Or they were just plain unlikeable. Why would I want to spend hours reading a book about people that I can't stand?

Add to that the fact that I'm an introvert and have a hard time making friends, and like to pretend that I am capable of having a large social group, and I've ended up adding a few too many characters to keep up with. Oh well!

I currently have two series running (or, well, about to start.) The Greenwoods Neighborhood is a brand new series, and you can read about it on the main page. I also have more than a few short stories coming up for my Patrons set in and around Theo and his crew.

Not Yet An Agent follows the continuing adventures of Caroline Peters, intern at the Federal Paranormal Activities Agency. She's been there for a while now and helped take care of more than a few paranormal problems. Still, she's still in college and has a lot left to learn.

To sum up.

If you've read this far I can only imagine that you enjoy my ramblings. I promise to try to keep this blog somewhat up-to-date, but honestly, your time is better spent reading. With a nice cup of coffee. And a nice, cozy blanket.

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